Walnut Shell for Blasting

Walnut Shell for Blasting offer a softer, gentler media blasting alternative to harsher materials. Specifically intended for use in dry air blasting applications, walnut shells are a lightweight, angular media that will effectively remove topcoats while leaving undercoating intact. This walnut shell blasting media is excellent for rust-free paint removal from sheet metal and cleaning engines and transmissions. Walnut media blasting is especially useful when you want to clean paint, grease, and other dirt from the material’s surface but maintain the substrate materials’ integrity. Ideal for use with aluminum, brass, and sheet metal.

$400.00$500.00 / MT

Walnut Shell for Blasting in Various Industries:
According to the Mohs scale, its hardness of 3.5-4.00 makes walnut shells an effective natural abrasive in sandblasting, polishing, and cleaning of hard materials such as metal, carbon fiber, concrete, or hard plastic. This helps preserve and maintain industrial, medical and automotive equipment. Common examples of use can be found in aviation, where walnut shell granules are used to clean out engines and turbines in an air jet blasting process. Besides, the biodegradable grit reliably removes corrosion or any chemical coating from boats, planes, and buildings without the need for additives.

Walnut Shell for Blasting Applications Include:

  • Stripping and cleaning of castings and moldings
  • Deburring plastics and die castings
  • Cleaning of metallic surfaces on automobiles, boats, bridges, and buildings
  • Cleanout of aircraft engines and steam turbines
  • Enhancing the porosity of grinding wheel and ceramics in burn-out applications
  • Deflashing electronic components

Proximate Analysis of Walnut Shell for Blasting

Cellulose40 – 60%
Lignin20 – 30%
Toluene Solubility0.5 – 1.0 %

Typical Properties of Walnut Shell for Blasting

Specific Gravity1.2 to 1.4
Bulk Density (lbs per ft3)40 – 50
Mohs Scale4.5 – 5
Free Moisture (80ºC for 15 hrs)3 – 9%
pH (in water)4 – 6
Flash Point (closed cup)380º

Granularity Grade of Walnut Shell for Blasting

GradeMesh SizeParticle Size
Extra Coarse4/6 Mesh4.75 – 3.35 mm
Coarse6/10 Mesh3.35 – 2.00 mm
Coarse8/12 Mesh2.36 – 1.70 mm
Medium12/20 Mesh1.70 – 0.85 mm
Medium14/30 Mesh1.40 – 0.56 mm
Fine18/40 Mesh1.00 – 0.42 mm
Fine20/30 Mesh0.85 – 0.56 mm
Fine20/40 Mesh0.85 – 0.42 mm
Extra Fine35/60 Mesh0.50 – 0.25 mm
Extra Fine40/60 Mesh0.42 – 0.25 mm
Flour Grade40/100 Mesh425 – 150 micron
Flour Grade60/100 Mesh250 – 150 micron
Flour Grade60/200 Mesh250 – 75 micron
Flour Grade-100 Mesh150 micron and finer
Flour Grade-200 Mesh75 micron and finer
Flour Grade-325 Mesh35 micron and finer
Weight1000 kg
Dimensions100 × 100 × 100 cm


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