Walnut Shell for Rust Removal

Walnut Shell for Rust Removal is sufficiently hard enough (MOH 3.5) to remove rust from the metal surface without damaging the intact metal beneath. This makes it ideal for removing surface rust for painting or refinishing and preparing large holes for welding or other repairs. Crushed walnut shells can be used within tumbler, blaster, and other polishing devices to remove rust from nuts, bolts, screws, and other small and hard-to-handle objects.

$400.00$500.00 / MT

Walnut Shell for Rust Removal need to be added to the hopper of your abrasive blaster to utilize in blasting. There is no other special equipment or preparation required. Depending on the size of the material you are working on, you can easily adjust the grit size and stream speed to suit your needs perfectly.

Furthermore, because walnut shells do not absorb moisture, they can be used and reused repeatedly before they need to be replaced. Their multi-faceted surface means they maintain effectiveness longer, and because they are non-toxic, you don’t need any specialized operating equipment or clean-up procedures. For businesses seeking to “green up” their operations, crushed walnut shells provide a cost-effective and eco-friendly solution. As long as you remove the rust and other debris from within the grit pile, there will be absolutely no loss of effectiveness or eco-friendly benefits from the repeated use of the shells.

Proximate Analysis of Walnut Shell for Blasting

Cellulose40 – 60%
Lignin20 – 30%
Toluene Solubility0.5 – 1.0 %

Typical Properties of Walnut Shell for Blasting

Specific Gravity1.2 to 1.4
Bulk Density (lbs per ft3)40 – 50
Mohs Scale4.5 – 5
Free Moisture (80ºC for 15 hrs)3 – 9%
pH (in water)4 – 6
Flash Point (closed cup)380º

Granularity Grade of Walnut Shell for Blasting

GradeMesh SizeParticle Size
Extra Coarse4/6 Mesh4.75 – 3.35 mm
Coarse6/10 Mesh3.35 – 2.00 mm
Coarse8/12 Mesh2.36 – 1.70 mm
Medium12/20 Mesh1.70 – 0.85 mm
Medium14/30 Mesh1.40 – 0.56 mm
Fine18/40 Mesh1.00 – 0.42 mm
Fine20/30 Mesh0.85 – 0.56 mm
Fine20/40 Mesh0.85 – 0.42 mm
Extra Fine35/60 Mesh0.50 – 0.25 mm
Extra Fine40/60 Mesh0.42 – 0.25 mm
Flour Grade40/100 Mesh425 – 150 micron
Flour Grade60/100 Mesh250 – 150 micron
Flour Grade60/200 Mesh250 – 75 micron
Flour Grade-100 Mesh150 micron and finer
Flour Grade-200 Mesh75 micron and finer
Flour Grade-325 Mesh35 micron and finer
Weight1000 kg
Dimensions100 × 100 × 100 cm


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