Walnut Shell Powder

Natural Walnut Shell Powder
Hs-code: 34059010 
Specific gravity: 1.2-1.4 
Hardness: 3.5 MOH 
This product is all-natural, biodegradable, non-toxic, and eco-friendly. It’s an ingredient for different applications in various industries…

What are Crushed walnut shells?

Crushed walnut shell is a natural mixture ingredient with a brown or light brown color.

Walnuts are grown in enormous volumes, with production amounts to around 3.5 million tons per year, and China is the largest producer. Walnut shells are a by-product of walnut processing, mainly from the food industry.  Crushed walnut shells are made of high-quality natural walnut shells. Processed by crushing, polishing, fumigation, embalmment, and multiple screening. 

Walnut Shell Abrasives in Various Industries

Walnut shell media is an all-natural, biodegradable, durable material with excellent strength characteristics.
It makes walnut shells an effective natural abrasive in sandblasting, polishing, and cleaning hard materials. Walnut shell granules are used to clean and protect our engines and turbines in an air jet blasting process. Surface cleaners remove corrosion or any chemical coating from boats, planes, and buildings, especially in graffiti removers.

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