Introduction of Cosmetic Grade Walnut Shell

Introduction of Cosmetic Grade Walnut Shell Cosmetic grade walnut shell grits, powders, and flours are premium ingredients used in fine cosmetics products internationally of exfoliating products, shower gel, bar soap and cleansing products of non-animal origin, skincare additive cosmetics, and toiletries. Cosmetic grade walnut shells are widely applicable in cosmetics, skincare, exfoliation, creams, and soaps

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The Role of the Walnut Shell and the Parts of the Walnut Plant

Walnut shells can be used in stone grinding, asphalt felt industry, activated carbon production. And walnut shells can also be trituration as fertilizer. Walnut shell belongs to soft plant polishing material, possessing excellent abrasion performance, even particle size, very high shell content. Walnut shell is used widely in cleaning and polishing the parts of mold,

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The Deep-Sea-Bed Walnut Shell Filter Media

The deep-sea-bed nutshell filter brings significant improvements to filtration technology. Utilizing “Black Walnut Shells” as the media, the removes more significant than 98% of oil contaminants and suspended solids from a water stream. Suited explicitly for filtering water used for oil field flooding, refinery disposal, and offshore disposal, The deep-sea-bed nutshell filter also has applications

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