Introduction of Cosmetic Grade Walnut Shell

Introduction of Cosmetic Grade Walnut Shell
Cosmetic grade walnut shell grits, powders, and flours are premium ingredients used in fine cosmetics products internationally of exfoliating products, shower gel, bar soap and cleansing products of non-animal origin, skincare additive cosmetics, and toiletries. Cosmetic grade walnut shells are widely applicable in cosmetics, skincare, exfoliation, creams, and soaps with shell mesh sizes of 18/40, 35/60, 40/100, 60/200 flour mesh sizes of #100, #200, #325, and #400. Our premier crushed walnut shells are available for manufacturing high-quality facial scrubs, exfoliants, soaps, and creams. And also, we can serve our customers with sterilization, custom grades, and custom packaging.
Walnut shell powder (INCI name: Juglans regia) is compatible with most materials used in cosmetics and pharmaceutical preparations. The level of use of the walnut shell powder will depend on the formulation. Typical addition levels are around 2%.
The cosmetic and personal care industry use crushed walnut shell media as an exfoliate in facial, body, and foot scrubs. A crushed walnut shell is a hard, fibrous material ideal as abrasive. Crushed walnut shell grit is extremely durable, angular & multi-faceted, yet considered a soft abrasive. Cosmetic grade walnut shell is prepared by controlled grinding of the shells of walnuts into very fine particle sizes, acting as a soft abrasive in cosmetics products, skincare, exfoliation, creams, bar soaps, exfoliating products, Shower Gel, and cleansing products.
More aggressive formulations will use particle sizes as large as 20-40 mesh. The walnut shell’s soft abrasive nature is still viable in flour sizes at 200 mesh and smaller for sensitive, fine scrubs.

Cosmetic Grade Walnut Shell Advantages
Cosmetic grade walnut shell is soft abrasive compatible with anionic, non-ionic, and cationic surfactants. The cosmetic grade of the walnut shell is natural and has rounded edges (relative to an abrasive blasting grade) for a smoother feel.

What are the Cosmetic Grade Walnut Shell Applications?
Walnut shells can be used in a wide range of natural skincare applications – facial scrubs, skin cleansers, body polish, peeling creams and lotions, body exfoliants – giving an unusual twist to a familiar natural product.
The cosmetic grade walnut shell works into a gentle lather, releasing skin-soothing natural walnut shells. Cosmetics walnut shells work over the entire body – even the toughest, driest skin spots will be scrubbed away to reveal newer, softer skin. Delight in the fragrance of toasted nuts while achieving soft, smooth skin that’s always in season.

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