The Deep-Sea-Bed Walnut Shell Filter Media

The deep-sea-bed nutshell filter brings significant improvements to filtration technology. Utilizing “Black Walnut Shells” as the media, the removes more significant than 98% of oil contaminants and suspended solids from a water stream. Suited explicitly for filtering water used for oil field flooding, refinery disposal, and offshore disposal, The deep-sea-bed nutshell filter also has applications in the chemical, petrochemical, metalworking, and power generation industries.

Here are some of the deep-sea-bed nutshell filter features and benefits:

A positive media cleanup prevents bed channeling and mud balling, thereby giving longer filter life and eliminating bed replacement.
High flow rates in a compact design reduce space requirements.
A very low scrubbing or backwash fluid volume results in a substantial reduction in disposal cost and smaller tank requirements.
Elimination of compulsory chemicals for acceptable removal efficiency or filter cleanup, thereby reducing operation and maintenance costs.
It does not require clean water for filter cleanup, allowing all filtered water to be used and eliminating the need for clean water backwash storage tanks.
Simple automatic design functions provide for low operator, maintenance, and training costs.
No gas or air scour is required, reducing corrosion problems and providing a safer operating environment.
Positive retention of the media in the vessel prevents media loss and disposal problems.
The media is “force set” after clean-up, which prevents the media from stratifying and provides a homogeneous media bed. If the bed is allowed to settle by gravity, the small media particles will be on the top, and the large partials will be on the bottom; Thus, all of the filtrations will occur within the top few inches of the media bed. By “force setting,” the full bed volume can be used for dirt holding. This will provide longer run times and less scrubbing or backwash fluid, thereby reducing disposal costs.
Upstream flow is not interrupted. This lowers feed tank size and cost.
The feed pump is never “dead-headed”. This eliminates pump damage, high pump wear, and maintenance costs.
Does not require continuous venting. This allows more fluid for end-use and reduces tank requirements or disposal costs.
Has a media depth of 58 inches. We allow the filter to always operate above the minimum efficiency depth of 48 inches and provide more dirt holding capacity, more run time, and less backwash fluid to dispose of.

Unique Cost-Saving Advantages of the Walnut Shell Filter Media

The media retention screens are constructed of tubular screens wound around the perforated pipe rather than a flat-screen. This allows for a far more straightforward installation by not requiring that the screens be sealed welded into the bottom of the vessel. Flat screens can have a problem with thermal expansion because they are fused into the vessel shell or heads, and if a failure does occur, they will need to be cut out and new screens welded back in. Also, the design differential pressure across the flat screen usually is only 25 to 35 paid. However, the maximum feed pump pressure can be 60 to 70 psi thus. If any problem occurs that brings the differential pressure above 35 psid, the screens will crush. The Walnut Shell Media tubular screens’ differential pressure is always above the maximum output pressure of the pump but never below 80 psid.

Walnut Shell Media Absolute filtration’s unique “Multigrade” black walnut shell media is the best nutshell media on the market today. It provides the highest loading volume and, at the same time, the highest removal efficiency.

Walnut Shell Media filter uses eastern black walnut shells as its filter media. Any material used as a filter media, in addition to being healthy, that is resisting rupture, must also have a high modulus elasticity, that is, resist deformation and recover its size and shape after deformation. The durability and quality characteristics of the eastern black walnut shell are proven by its ability to stand up and perform.

Using this very high-quality media, the attrition rate will be lower, and the cost of replacement media and operator maintenance time will be reduced.

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