The Role of the Walnut Shell and the Parts of the Walnut Plant

Walnut shells can be used in stone grinding, asphalt felt industry, activated carbon production. And walnut shells can also be trituration as fertilizer. Walnut shell belongs to soft plant polishing material, possessing excellent abrasion performance, even particle size, very high shell content. Walnut shell is used widely in cleaning and polishing the parts of mold, instrument, motor, plastic, jewel, glasses, watch, brassie, hairpin, button, etc.
Walnut shell filter has the advantages of strong adsorption forces, immense interception amount, oil immersion resistance, double-effect removal of oil and suspended matters, and easy regenerate, etc.
The skilled craftsmen make different interior decoration series from wild walnut shells, such as desk lamps, flower vases, ashtray, tissue cases, etc.

Walnut is called a natural invigorant because of its rich nutrition; walnut can be eaten directly or oil manufacture.
Walnut kernels have rich fat, usually 60%, 75%~80% max. Every 100kgs of the walnut kernel can manufacture 50~60kgs of walnut oil. Walnut oil smells refreshing fragrance, is mainly made up of unsaturated fatty acid, more than 77% of which are fatty acids and linoleic acid, which the human body must need. Walnut kernels also have rich mineral elements of phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc, and various vitamin, so walnut kernels have good help in health care, having the effect of preventing and treating coronary disease, promoting skin development, keeping skin nutrition, making skin fine and smooth. Mineral elements have a particular function for the growing development of children and youth and improve view vision and enhancing memory. According to the “compendium of Materia Medica” records, walnut kernels can supplement qi and nourish the blood, moisten dryness and resolve phlegm. So to older adults, the walnut kernels affect warming and tonifying the lung, stopping asthma, and reducing inertia.
When the walnut tree is in the full bearing period, needing thinning over much staminate flower during the planting management to reduce the use up of the nutrient and water into the walnut tree, and then promoting pistillate flower growth, blossom and fruit, increasing the walnut quality and output. The walnut male flower is non-toxic and harmless but fresh and tender, rich in sugar, protein, lipids, and vitamin. After heating the walnut male flower with boiling water, clean the male flower with clean water, add oil and flavoring, and then one course of delicious salad is finished. If collecting the walnut male flower insignificant amount and dry this staminate walnut flower up, this walnut male flower can be stored and eaten for a long time. The method of processing the staminate walnut flower is similar to that of processing wild herb. The walnut tree crown is typically half-round, the walnut tree trunk is high, and the walnut tree limb is tall and straight. The green of the walnut tree is cool, and the walnut tree sends out a pleasant smell. So, walnut tree is usually planted on both sides of streets or as ornamental tree species. Because the walnut tree has a big tree crown, many leaves, and a root system, the walnut tree is planted on a massive talus slope for water conservation and conservation of moisture and soil. Because the walnut tree is with big tree bodies, fast-growing and long life, and can be manufactured into sound wood, the walnut tree is one of the leading tree species of protection forest.
Walnut wood has the proper strength, strong impact resistance, stable size property, and be beneficial to hold by hand; walnut wood is traditional military material, wood for musical instruments, wood for sports equipment, wood for the stationery instrument, wood for old furniture, etc.
Walnut tree leaves can be used to cure wounds, skin disease, and intragastric disease. After boiling the walnut tree bark into the water, using the water wipe the human body can heal the body itching. After boiling the walnut tree bark and poplar tree bark into the water, water can cure scrotum eczema.
Walnut pericardium citrus reticulate viride has medical uses and can produce dyes and cure some skin diseases and gastralgia.

In a word, the walnut tree’s whole body is a treasure; further processing is without any pollution. By processing industry can promote the walnut industry achieve into a virtuous cycle.

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